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Wooly Mammoth is a 4 piece Alternative rock band from Perth, Australia.

After half a year tucked away finding their sound, Wooly Mammoth have emerged in mid 2016 with a pool full of telling tunes and a desire to deliver their music to Australia’s live music scene.
Hatched in a Bassendean basement come home studio, they are a blend of unique song-writing, explorative sounds and daring live energy. Grounded in piercing lyrics and melodies, striking instrumentals and a tenacious live show, Wooly Mammoth want their music to mean something, and want to make listeners move.

With shows and releases already planned and much much more to come, they aim to give as much as they can to 2016 and onwards and they sure want to get people grooving in the process.

Get Running Circles for free right here, or grab it on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

About the Mammoth boys



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